Mavis Bramston

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Mavis worries about whether her gifts are too expensive and is tiring of charity work.

Dear John,

A quick note; it is late and I am tired.

I just looked up about Abuja in an encyclopaedia; by all accounts it must be most lovely.

Speaking of looking up, Mr Newbery had no luck in looking up ogbono spice. Can you give me a hint? I am not being fair really; you have not had a chance to answer my last letter asking for a more detailed recipe yet. Sorry, I am aways impatient to get the things I want.

You will note that the lap-tops are quite expensive models. I was a little worried about this as sometimes a gift that is too expensive can have an adverse affect on the recipient. We will have to see. They were a model that I could easily get through the company without drawing much attention to the purchase.

Hopefully by the time the accountant takes any notice the deal will be complete and, to be brutally honest with you John, I hope to be long gone from here.

That assumes I can redirect some (or even all) of the funds.

I am tiring of lamingtons.

Here's hoping all goes well with the transaction. As someone once said: if you want to pick the fruit, you must be willing to go out on a limb! I hope the branch is strong at your end!

Sorry for a fairly dull sort of letter; I think I am getting a cold and I cannot be bothered being provocative. Another time.

Regards to Rita,

Your dear friend, Mavis.

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