Mavis Bramston

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Bouyed by the previous letter from her 'friend' John Akpeki, Mavis naively askes if she can put in some gifts for John's children. Not permitted, apparently.

Dear John,

How old are your children? What are their names?

I'd like to put something in the parcel for them when I send it.

Would that be alright?

Your friend, Mavis.

Dear Mavis

Thanks for your offer to send something in the parcel for my children. Mavis, the parcel you are sending to the directors are not to be opened, if they are opened before they get to the Directors the purpose would be defeated.

In any case if you are sending something to my children, why not hold on a while when you coming to Lagos, Nigeria you can bring those things personally for them.

Their names are Joan, Cyprian, Etiosan, Joy and Nosa. The first three are grown ups, the last two are in high schools.

Goodbye for now, Mavis.

Your friend, JOHN AKPEKI.

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