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In this saga I started out as an elderly grey haired lady raising money for charity but as it progressed the idea of a young lady (and the influence on Nigerian male egos) took over. Mavis Bramston was a character on Australian TV in the sixties.

  1. Opening gambit
  2. My Dear Brother Marvis
  3. Lamingtons
  4. Hello? Are you there?
  5. Come to Lagos!
  6. All this for 21.50?
  7. Bribes?
  8. Would some baskets do?
  9. A recipe!
  10. Gifts for the children
  11. M = Million
  12. Air Express
  13. A tired letter
  14. Come to Nigeria!
  15. What makes you happy John?
  16. A glitch with Customs
  17. How do you fax a hug?
  18. Naked!
  19. I need $21,500.00...
  20. The sad death of Mavis
  21. The penny drops for John Akpeki
  22. Mavis says 'farewell'.