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Rogan Josh pleads innocence:

Goodly Barrister Kudu,

Please be resting assuredly that I do not intend to cast aspersions upon a man of so many experiences. You are being a most wise and just man and I am most equally being just otherwise.

I am assuring you that the tales of Mr Newbery's travails are being most decidedly coloured with the air of being quite truly so.

In the most tumultuous times around us, it is possible that the miserable lamentations of a small lawyer in the suburban regions of this city do not rate much upon the editors of the news services and when it is being there it is then not being there equally quickly.

I am truly not knowing the answer to you concerns.

Please be telling me what it is that you are wanting me to be providing you.

I am being most hopeful that Mr Newbery will released shortly and you will be not requiring this information at all. This is being my fervent wishes.

Yours hopefully,

Rogan Josh.

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