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Barrister Kudu smells a rat.

Allan Sanders smells a lunch.

DEAR MR.Rogan Josh,

Your mail of today was well received. and the whole contents were well understood.

Mr.josh, i want to let you know that you are dealing with wise lawyer who have been in the field for the past 36 years.

How would you want me to believe you with all these your corck and bill stories ?

I have serched through the internet since then there is no such news. (Well, he would have found plenty of references to Nigerian Scams and J Cosmo Newbery...) Can you please butress these your stories with a little fact ? Because, such a thing as you are saying surposed to apear in the internet news. since it was published in the newspaper. or do you thing you are talking to a baby ?

I want you to tell my good friend to stop all these for he is too old for it ok ?

I am waiting to hear from my friend.


barrister longe kudu.

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