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Newbery is a bit lax on client confidentiality...

Dear Mr Mark,

I feel that you are blessed with totally different relationships with you clients than we are. This will be very good for your monthly billings!

Sadly, here our clients contact us when things are not going well and they want us to fix it up. Prior to that they are all too ready to go it alone in the mistaken belief that this is the cheapest path.

Sir Wilberforce certainly fell into this category.

He did not contact me about what he should do but more about how he should repair the damage of what he had already done. Paternity suits numbered high on this list. I am perhaps being a little indiscreet here and would beg you not to relay this to anyone. Thank you.

Yes, Sir Wilberforce has slept with my wife. There are times, in the dark of the night, that I wonder about the parentage of my sons. Should I have a DNA test done? Do I really want to know the answer? What would you do?

Togo! I believe it is a lovely country. What airlines fly there? Is it still accessible in the current war climate?

It is Friday night here. I will contact the travel agent on Monday. All being well, and flights being available, I should be in Togo late next week.

Yours sincerely,

J Cosmo Newbery,
Newbery & Associates.

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