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Willy sends backa photo.

My Dear Mrs Chile,

Lamentably the pictures you promised would appear to have been lost in transit as they failed to arrive safely at this end. A most unsatisfactory state of affairs as I was quite looking forward to seeing them.

I have attached a photo of myself. It is naturally quite unflattering as all photos of me are, but was taken by a reporter at the recent Highland Pelargonium Yodelling Fest where my entry, Divine Epiglottis ('Gnasher') won 'Most lascivious' in the 130 decibel and over freestyle caterwauling division. This caused that bounder and scoundrel Col. Michael Fitzherbert (closely attended by his cold fish of a manservant, Herbert Fitzmichael) to storm off in a huff saying the whole thing was fixed when his entry, Toolangi Supreme Tungsten Tonsils, came a dismal second.

But I must be boring you terribly.

Please resend your photos at your first opportunity,

Yours sincerely,


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