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Nothing had happened for a week. Allan Sanders has been corresponding with Mrs Chile in parallel to this story. Today he overlapped.

His character, Dyson Kardz, failed to make an appointment with Mrs Chile:

For the attention of :
Mrs Danla Nsakka Chile
Lome, Togo

Subject : Mr Dyson Kardz

Reference : ASM / DK / 001.02.2003

Dear Mrs Chile,

I am the senior partner of Montagu Fease Robbe & Steele, consulting attorneys to the American Embassy in Paris, France

The consular staff has asked me to contact you since concerning an American national, Mr Dyson Kardz, resident in France and employed at the casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Since the consular staff cannot spend their time and the national budget communicating with people all over the world they ask me to intervene in these cases.

Apparently Mr Kardz was due to fly to Lome on Saturday to meet you when at the last moment he learned some tragic news concerning a member of his family who had been brutally murdered in mysterious circumstances. The murder victim, a hero of the Falklands War, Sir Wilberforce Harrington Smythe, was a cousin of Mr Kardz's mother. Since Mr Kardz's parents are elderly and live in the United States, their son is representing the family at their cousin's funeral.

Mr Kardz has asked that I contact a number of people and that I inform everyone that he will be in touch with them as soon as possible.

I remain at your disposal for any additional information.

Yours sincerely,

Algernon Sidney Montagu
Senior Partner
Montagu Fease Robbe & Steele

************** IMPORTANT MESSAGE **************

This e-mail message is intended only for the addressee and contains information which may be confidential. If you are not the intended recipient please advise the sender by return mail, do not use or disclose the contents, and delete the message and any attachments from your system. Unless specifically indicated, this e-mail does not constitute formal advice or commitment by the sender.


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