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The General mistakes the lady's surname to mean something else. He takes her to be from Chile and assumes that she would not like being in Africa.

I just feel like being a bit silly here; it's putting the lunch at risk but has more possible fun scenarios:

My Dear Mrs Chile,

Please, call me Willy. Wilberforce is terribly formal and rather reminds me of my mother, God rest her soul.

My dear woman, how could I not show some compassion to someone in your situation? God it must be so difficult for you, so far from the civilities of Santiago, having to live amongst the savages in Africa and all. Most unpleasant spot of bother to be in. The sooner I help you escape the better, what?

Pray tell me, when did you win the Mrs Chile title? Wasn't there a spot of bother down your way recently with the Mrs World quest or some such. A most unpleasant scrap I seem to recall. Anyway, bravo to you I say!

A photo would be absolutely smashing. I must rummage around a see if I have one of my own somewhere to return the favour.

Yours most sincerely,


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