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Mrs Chile clings to a straw:


what is happening ? i knw you are not safe where ever you are now. look below , this is a copy of a mail sent to me. who is this that wrote this to me?

I have told you time without number to give me your phone number, at least in situation like this i will call you to know what is happening. my dear this the time i realy need your phone number. dont you have any phone number? i know you do.

where are you now? are you in the hospital ? for the injury that you told me about. please, do take care of your self properly. i dont want my dream to dieThe lawyer has been worried, he even suggested to get a financer into the transaction, i refussed blontely.

I want to hear from you my dear, write to me or you give me your telephone number to call you.

Till i hear from you. stay blessed my dear.

yours in heart.

mrs. danla chile.

Yo sister, what yo doing talking to this heap a turd? Me brothers and me we got him trussed like a fat little pig an we are gonna serve his nuts on a shingle. Yo better find a new sugar daddy, Mumma. A friend.

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