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Word from Willy! He is alive and still in pursuit of the raised hackle.

My Dear Mrs Chile,

I nearly died! That wretched father of my former maid came around with three of his thugs and dragged me off into the bush, stripped me naked and beat me with sticks!

I am black and blue all over! Yes, even there.

Just because that black bitch of a daughter of his is pregnant. I really didn't think the species could interbreed. She came from down your way somewhere. Ajuba or some such. But one of the locals tarts, not an expatriate South American like yourself. God, you will be so glad to get out of that place, what?

Anyway they seemed to think that I should pay the the little half-cast's upkeep. Can you believe that?

I must take a break for a few days until I can arrange some of the local boys as body guards.

Bear with me please, Dear Mrs Chile, all will be well. I promise.


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