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Willy asks a few questions of a delicate nature:

My Good Sir,

How are you this evening? I have been in correspondence with Mrs Chile and would seem to have convinced that woman of her proper subservient position in our relationship.

With regard to the affidavit we will have to progress with paying for it direct. The advantage of offering you twice your fee was that you got extra money and we did not have the tedious task of sending money overseas. It was possibly a useful thing and, had you saved a little more frugally in your younger years, would have grown your personal wealth even further. Your loss, sir. But no loss to me.

I will organise the money transfer tomorrow.

While I have you Sir, a personal question, a most discrete issue, and I would pray you not tell anyone I asked you this but, about Mrs Chile. Is she a good fuck? I mean does she know any of those highly muscular tricks with her vagina or is she the lie back and plan tomorrow's dinner sort of tolerant type? Do you know if she has a whip?

Do forgive me asking but if I am going to come belly to belly with the woman I would like a little forewarning as to what to expect. Perhaps you could aska few discrete questions on my behalf. I will, of course, pay you for your services.

Yours sincerely,

Wilberforce Harrington-Smythe.

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