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Will graciously accepts her apology:

My Dear Mrs Chile,

I do appreciate your apology. It is only fitting as I have never been bettered by a woman in any endeavour, physical or intellectual. Some women are not as quick or as ready as you to accept the truth of that position.

I do appreciate your candour and its attendant submissive stance.

It is a pity that the lawyer did not take up the offer but it is not the end of the world. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, what? Some times you just have to ask the question. Sometimes you just tie them to the bed and show them the answer. That applies to lawyers too.

He certainly had not reason to be angry. It was a quite legitimate question and would have benefited him too if he could have arranged it. He would have to be the first broke lawyer I have ever met in captivity. You are sure he is reliable, aren't you?

I will correspond with the lawyer to arrange the money transfer.

Yours most affectionately,


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