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Willy explains that he has had a tough weekend:

Dear Barrister Longe Kudu,

It is I who must apologise. I have spend most of the weekend at the Holy Moses Casino, Carwash and Veterinary Clinic attending to my poor prized femur, Rodney. He had become stricken with acute inflammation of his broccoli and required immediate surgery.

It has been a horrid weekend. Absolutely wretched.

Thank you for sending me the documents. They look absolutely spiffing and quite in order. I am most impressed with the size of the 'APPROVED' stamp. Obviously applied by someone most important.

What should I do next?

Yours in need of a gin,

Wilberforce Harrington-Smythe.

Please note that Wilberforce is my Christian name and I feel that you are taking an undue liberty in addressing me with it. If you must be using it you should at a minimum refer to me as Sir Wilberforce.

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