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Willy is a little anxious about the lawyer but is awaiting the recipe with anticipation:

My Dear Mrs Chile,

Your exuberance is most endearing! And I am most reassured to get your firm endorsement of the lawyer. It is so damnably difficult to find a good one. The ones I have had the misfortune to encounter in recent times have all been spineless reprobates and all of them, ALL OF THEM, actually tried to suggest that I should plead guilty. No fight in the blighters at all.

What's guilt got to do with it?

I am most heartened to hear about young Kenneth's progress. He looks a good sturdy sort of chap.

No man in your life? Now that's interesting.

I should have known that a knowledgeable and sophisticated woman such as your good self would know the short cut routes to any man's heart. Quite an unfair advantage on your part, what?

(My old mess sergeant used delight in saying that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach but if you really wanted his undivided attention you had to grab him by the testicles. I do hope that that didn't offend you, I tidied it up a little.)

A professional caterer! I look forward to your recipe with great anticipation! I have my serviette on stand-by.

I hope to have good news for you at the earliest opportunity. I am waiting for the lawyer to fax me the papers as he promised he would.

Nothing yet.

Yours most sincerely,


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