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He answers it enthusiastically but, in his enthusiasm, omits to send his phone number:

My Goodly Barrister Kudu,

You are telling me that you started this transaction with my boss but I am thinking that you started it with my boss' boss, General Sir Wilberforce Harrington Smythe. You will be correcting me if I am being wrong.

My boss of closer proximity, Mr Newbery, is being a man of great honour and respect and he would not be leading you up a path in the garden. Please be keeping that idea in the voids of your head.

I am telling you that I am physically, mentally, financially, tangentially, emphatically, and whimsically most ably set upon to be assisting you in the full and glorious completion of this saga with proportions approaching those of an epic.

You can be having much trust in me that I will be keeping this secret pressed closely to my chest. Not one soul will be told from my lips.

My banking details are:

Account: Rogan Josh
No: 099-761 6700030
Bank: The Bank of the Ganges
Branch: Blackburn.

I am also being most forthcoming in telling you that I will be most transparently clearly visible to you. This is being the sort of person that I am being.

I am being ready to be moving on. Please be telling me where to be going.

Yours most assuredly,

Rogan Josh.

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