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Rogan Josh has other plans:

My Goodly Barrister Kudu,

You will be remembering that I am being Mr Newbery's clerk.

I am being engaged my Mr Newbery to be telling you that he is being temporarily indisposed due to a brief period in the uncomfortable embracings of the of the law that is having exceedingly long arms.

This was being due largely to his reflecting most adversely and most unwisely upon the parentage of a young constable who as it transpired had only come to invite him to attend a picnic gathering of horsehair and powdered talcum at the County Court.

There was being a resultant fracas of some large proportions and Mr Newbery was taken to account for his actions before the powers that issue such accounts. And they were then deciding on account of his past records that he should be shown the pleasures of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

I am being most forward in saying what I am saying to you but I am telling you that I am being the quiet achiever. I am telling you that I have been watching your negotiations with Mr Newbery and I have been saying to myself that I could be helping you with much more applications than the accident prone Mr Newbery.

Is it being so delicate an operation that I am being unable to be helping you? I am at least having the good fortune not to be living on the edges of the clink. I am being mostly honest and mostly trustworthy.

Please be telling me your thoughts on this proposal though I be begging you not to be discussing it with Mr Newbery.

Yours frugally.

Rogan Josh.

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