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Mr Newbery sounds off.

Dear Mrs Chile,

I am sorry if you do not like the way I am sounding. Can you not understand the reason for the tone in my voice? Can you see that it is because there is no harmony between us? Mrs Chile, I feel that we are singing from different song sheets. And I am detecting too many sour notes.

I suspect we both have serious issues looming before us in our lives and, overwhelmed by their enormity, are not stopping to help each other as best we should. This is unfortunate.

I do not know what Sir Wilberforce saw in you but I am helping you out of my, possibly misplaced, sense of duty to him. Not out of any love or devotion to you. Please remember that. As a woman I have found you singularly unsympathetic to other peoples woes.

It has been a fairly rotten day today as I was involved in a car accident. You will forgive me if I am not sounding sympathetic to your cause but I am in correspondence with Mr Mark and things will move forward next week.

In the mean time I will organise the local women to pray for you.

Yours sincerely,

J Cosmo Newbery,
Newbery & Associates.

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