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Venus gets a bit personal.

Dear Dr Martins Obi,

Tell me, do I call you Martins or Obi? Is there some other name you want me to call you. For someone more or less proposing marriage to me, 'Dr Martins Obi' is very formal.

Me, a financial guru? I had to laugh when I read that, but no, I am just very prudent. I tend to keep my hands in my pockets.

The account I wish to use is
The Milo Foundation Account #3
BSB: 063-787
Account No: 7670-1100
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Swift Code: CTBAAU2S

I can't help feeling that I need more information than just 'PATRICK OSEJI' to send the money. Is there an address or something?

Naturally, I will keep the deal secret.

I am looking forward to your photo immensely. I am quite dark complexioned myself. Tall and handsome is all very well but are you any good in bed? I'm told African men are veritable steam trains. Is this true? Is this wicked of me? Possibly but if you are going to be my husband I want to know I am getting value for money. Width and length are nice bit I want to know how much stamina you have! Are African men circumcised?

Yours fascinated,


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