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Dr Martins Obi is reduced to tears.

Dear Venus,

Your mail was full of emotions,I could not hold my tears afterwards.Accept my profound and sincerest appology for not paying you compliment before asking to deal with your parents.

Now that I have understand you I have give you full mandate to handle this transaction.It is a patetitic news that you lost your parents.

Do not feel that your not hearing is an inconveniences as you as good as every other human being.As a devoted Christain,I am beliving that there is a purpose of linking us togther.

From you stated in the content of your mail,it seems you are a financial guru and that give an added advantage to manage this fund.

Having trusted and giving you full mandate to handle the deal,the next line of action now is to swear an affidavitt in the hihg court,to give it legal backing as the new beneficiary. Secondly,you will need to send me you account in you next mail which shall also submit together with the sworn affidavitt.

To achieve this you have to send ($1000) BY Western Union Money Transfer in the name of PATRICK OSEJI,my persnoal assistance which will be used to facilitae and document the paper work.You will ahve to give me the reference or control number by mail as well as the text question.

As soon as this done by next week it will be all over and I will arrange my trip to Australia to meet you and invest on joint venture. Meanwhile,keep our dealing secret in other not to jeopardise my effort.

I will send you my picutre next week and I am prayiny to GOD to direct if you are to be my bride for life.....laugh.I am very handsome,tall and chocolate by complexion. (And I was hoping for a Nordic Nigerian...)

Ilook forward in from you

yours lovely

dr martins obi.

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