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Dr Martins Obi wants to talk to Venus' parents.

Still having trouble with his CAPS LOCK.

ATTENTION;Demilo venus,

i confirm receipt of your mail and the content therein,and the passport achached.

i am sorry for the industral accident you had which has made it impossible for us to speak on phone. meanwhile, we have commenced the process of swearing affidavit in the high court to transfer your name as the nexk of kin.

this will make it legal and legitmate,it will cost the sun of{$1000USD}to prepare these documents at the high court in lagos.

in view of the above therefore, you are expected to arrenge and the above sun by western union money transfer to enable us get this done as release the fund in batches into the account to be nominated.

are you sure you can handle this huge amount considering your age? give me a proof to this effect.

kindly, forward your bank name/address and account number whose the fund will be transfer to.if your capacity can not carry this transaction,you can link me with your father ormother who must be honest and trustwhorthy. (Swine!)

as soon as the fund arrive your account i will travel to meet you in in australia,to invest with you probably get married to you,since you are a beautiful girl from what i see in the passport.

confirm your positin and let me know how you had to send the money.

yours faithfully,

Dr martins obi.

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