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Dr Martins Obi replies. A renegade Nigerian, he has yet to find the CAPS LOCK key, or indeed, the shift key. Then again perhaps the CAPS LOCK key got turned off after 'dear' and he didn't notice.

DEAR,venus demilo,

i confirm receipt of your mail and the content noted.i thank you for picking up interest in principle. the amount is not a problem as we would be protected by an official certificate from federal goverment.of nigeria that it is free from drug and money landring,which is accepted globally.

it is not risky at all.all we need from you is to submit some document like copy of your international passport or drivers licence,then we wear a affidavit at the high court in lagos on your behalf that you are the next of kin to the deseased. at this pont we would then tranfer the fund direct to the account you will provide with my assistance as a gernaral manager the bank.

call me on my privite number;234-1-xxxxxxx or fax;234-1-xxxxxx for further details.


Dr martins obi.

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