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I'm getting weary of this guy. Venus returns to tell him a few truths:

Dear Martins, my dear little Martins,

It is all too much for me today. I have to tell you a truth, a possibly quite hurtful and painful truth, but a truth none the less.

Actually, a few truths.

Firstly Mr Newbery 'faked' my death. He was worried about me.

He has been trying to protect me from you but I have prevailed upon him to let me finish the correspondence. He reluctantly acceded.


First Truth: I know that you have no money. Always have.

Second Truth: I am not going to send you any of my money. Never will.

Third Truth: The photos I sent you are of a Brazilian transvestite. Never mind.

Fourth Truth: Venus de Milo is a famous Greek statue. Always was.

Fifth Truth: I am neither Greek or Brazilian. Never will be.

Sixth and last truth: You're a dill. Always will be.


Good bye, my love, it has been fun.


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