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Is there a good optometrist in Lagos?

Martins delivers a surprise message. Certainly not what I expected!

Dear Venus,

I got your mail and the attached nude pix,and it pleases me well.You can imagine how I feel,just feel like inserting my dig right inside your clean and rubius pussy. (But...) In any case,what has been the out come of your visa enquiry with Nigeria embbssy?Try and see that visa is secured soonest.Alternatively,should you find it difficult,then make arrangement to send me ltter of invitation,then copy your embbssy in Nigeria,to enable them issue me visa to visit you.

I have convinced my colleagues the level of trust I have for you,so we still have the business opportunity at our disposal.We can send you bank account to wire the money directly.

I will stop here while looking forward to hearing from you soon.Meanwhile,My birthday was on 9th of FEB.I celebrated with my friends.Kindly,send me a birthday card please.We have being on Muslim holiday for TUE.and WED hence I could not write you.Do you have credit card?If you have then we can use the data to pay the affidavitt fee here.

Lots of love.


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