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Some days after the deadline, Venus responds...

Martins My Dear,

Thank you so much for your letter. Even though it hurt me greatly.

I can understand how your doubts about me have grown. Every time I try to help you my efforts turn to dust. I feel so discouraged.

I wish you were here to give me a hug. I need lots of reassurance.

When the consulate man asked me why I was going to Nigerian I was quite proud to tell him that I was going to meet a very special man. He asked my 'why' and I said that I was going to marry you. Was that wrong? Are you ashamed of me.

I am serious Martins. I DO want to help you. I have attached my nude photo, if that is what pleases you.

And I do want to please you, Martins.

Much love,

A destraught Venus.

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