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Martins sets a deadline....

Dear Venus,

Thanks for yourt mail.It is not the duty of Nigerian government or law to determine who marrys who.I think you were being deceived by the people you met.In first place do you need to tell them you are going to marry me?It just to tell them you are visiting a friend to enable them issue you visa okay.You need not to worry about this at all.

My colleagues met this morning to appriase your level of seroiusness,but ahve concluded to seek another sponsor to facilitate the deal.They don't seem to trust you any longer goning by your excuses so far.Therefore,you need to come up with strong evidence that you are capable or I will loose my right in the deal.It is quite easy to send money all over the World,why is your own different?

Are you a security agent working for government?How do you communicate with Nigerian embassy?I need to know whom I am dealing with.

I requseted for your nude pix but you decline.Can you then send to me your digital camera by DHL,to send you my nude pix,then you take it when you come to Nigeria?

Confirm your position concerning the deal as tomorrow is the deadline given to me to know your capability.Their point of argument is that since your can not send just a thousand dollars,how are they sure of receiving their share from the transaction,which is huge.It is a million dollar question.



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