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Venus nearly loses her money:

Dear Martins,

I have a photo to send you, I am just not sure if I am game enough to do it. Will you think the worse of me for doing it? I don't know. In some ways I would love to be there when you see it but if I was then there would be no need for the photo, would there? Are you confident it wont spoil our relationship?

I have an appointment at the Nigerian Consulate on Monday. Of course I can handle the transaction, although after today I am not so sure. It seems the Gods are conspiring against me. I went to the Western Union office only to find it closed. A sign on the door said 'Repent! Money is the root of all evil'. Two policemen were breaking in through a side window. It appears the guy who ran the place had scarpered with the cash. I was happy I hadn't put my money it, I would hate to lose it like that, but it is no help to be restoring your confidence in me.

I hope you are well.


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