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More doubts for Martins:

Dear Venus,

Got your mail and the content noted.With due respect,Iam of the opinion that you are not handling this transaction with maturity. (I am! Iam! I am!) Our relationship is two parts.Both of are as important as one another.The issue of our marriage seem to dominate you thought. (Not entirely, no.)

In my last mail Idirected you how to apply for visa to visit Nigeria,but you never made mention of it.This was what informed my decision earlier that it demands a mature person,but you felt insulted and I appologised.Let us know where we are as I have explained how important this transaction is to me.

Confirm your postion if you can handle the transaction.Iam almost confused.

I do not have a digital camera to meet your request neither do Ihave a firend that has noe.You can send one to me by DHL courrier service and in three dasy it will get to me.Is it okay by you? (Oh, very clever!)

I am also disappointed that you could not send your pix in nude as you have not seen mine.Promise to send by tomorrow? I will be glad to see it,as Iam wet alraedy. (Wait for it, wait for it...)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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