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Martins is starting to doubt Venus:

Dearest Venus,

I am in receipt of your mail and noted with dismay that your doctor's instruction has created another delay.I sincerely hope you have this matter resolved once and for all by tomorrow.

For your visit to Nigeria,I advise that you go to the Nigerian embassy in Australia,requesting for visa to visit your boyfriend in Lagos.Do not disclose our business dealings to the embassy as it will completely jeopardise our efforts. (No kidding!) Our business should remain confidential and secret between both of us.As soon as you apply for the visa keep me posted.Your attention is required urgently as there are some classified documents you need to sign before the release of the fund.Be rest assured of your safety and maximum comfort while in Nigeria.

I do not have digital camera to send my picture in nude.You are free to send me yours.You look so beautiful that I can't wait having you on bed.

Try to expedite action on the visa issue as well as sending the money tomorrow.I look forward to seeing the nude picture and the control number.

Yours lovely,


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