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Sadly, venus was confined to bed and could not send the money but does send another photo:

My Dear Martins,

Thank you so much for your email. I have some unfortunate news. The district nurse, a Rottweiler named Brunhilda, came to see me as a follow up after last Friday's disaster and she forbade me from going out today, said I was too weak, but I am hopeful that she will be more friendly tomorrow. I did so want to send the money today but she would hear nothing of it. Bitch.

I am really hoping that I could visit you in your country. I do love travel and seeing new exotic places. Would it be safe for me? When should I come? Will I need a visa?

I have attached another photo for you. I hope it is what you want. It was taken only two weeks ago. Just a little cheeky, no? How about another photo of you? Do you have a digital camera? I would love to see you naked, to see what you will bring to the bed on that first night. I want to see just how much of a man you are. Can you do that for me Martins? It's not too much to ask is it? If you will do that for me I will send you one of me naked. Is it a deal?

Your most excitedly,


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