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Martins is still fairly focused on the money:

My dearest Venus,

I confirm receipt of your most recent mail and the content noted.Ensure that you fulfil your own side of the bargain tomorrow to enable us conclude the transaction in good time.However,if you are not conversant with MONEY GRAM,send the money by WESTERN UNION with the agreed test question.Iam sure the problem should be over by now at WESTERN UNION.

As per my intention to visit you, you have not responded to this question in your last two mails to me.Are you prepared to come or do you want me to come? Should you decide for me to come then adhere to my request.Confirm you position in this regard.

I am very romantic as a person,and I am sure my first night with you will be a different thing you have not experienced before in life.By God's grace I may be the man to take you to the edge.I am aslo very determined to succeed in life hence I want you to pay serious attention to this transaction as it's the only way for me to lay solid foundation for a secured future for you and I.Lastly,send me you personal full photograph tomorrow via attachment.

Yours lovely,


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