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Martins is sort of understanding:

My dearest Venus,

I have to read through your previous mail to coment on your remark when you receive my pictures.I feel very excited to hear your view about me.Yes I like oral sex.My western union question and answer is a proposal indirectly.Dose that hurt your feeling?If it dose please forgive me. (Quite flattered, really.)

It is quite safe for you to come to Lagos, as I will provide all the comfort you need.Therefore, start making travel arrangement to come over.Alternatively,I can come to Australia,if only you can send me letter of invitation to Australian embassy in Nigeria, to facilitate issuance of visa.If Iam to come I will then send to you address where to send the letter to by DHL while you fax a copy to Australian embassy.

Back to business,I understand from the attachment your sent to me that due to some problem you could not sent the money on Friday. (Some problem, indeed. Enchiladas to the left of me, enchiladas to the right of me...) I am sorry for what you went through in this regard.As you know time is not on our side .This is the only opportunity I have to live a fulfiled life,therefore I do not want us to take chances.You can as well use MONEY GRAM TRANSFER to send the money as it also exist in your country to avoid delay.Please my dear,on receipt of this mail see that this is done to enable me do the paper work legally.We may be fined if we delay.

Henceforth,endeavour to check your mail twice daily due to time difference which is 8hrs.ahead of us.I travelled to my village to see my old dad since Friday,hence I could not respond quickly.My dad is 73yrs old.

Ilook forward to having the control number.

Yours lovely.


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