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Venus plans a trip:

My Dear Martins,

You cannot believe the flutter that went through my heart when I read your Western union question and answer! Is that a proposal?

I am most impressed with your photos. You look very sophisticated! (I've loved using 'sophisticated' ever since I found out it meant 'artificial'.)

And I am fascinated by the energy that you mention and am quite interested in seeing it in action! Would yo be shocked if I told you that I had just had a hot bath and am sitting here typing to you completely naked? It's alright, it is a warm night and no-one can see me. What a pity you are not here.

I would love to come to Lagos. I love travelling to exotic places. Is it safe for me to come there?

With regard to Western Union, I have been sick the last few days with a flu sort of thing and had not even turned on my computer. I feel much better tonight and will go to the Western Union office tomorrow.

Much love and cuddles, my dear Martins,


PS: Do you like oral sex?

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