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Things hot up a bit and a few photos arrive.

Interestingly enough, the photos come from someone else, sent TO Martins with CC to Venus. Mmmmm?

dear venus,

i confirm receipt of your mail the enclosed bank information.simply call me martins.i sent you a mail on monday but have to repeat it my self when i could not hear from you.

additional information for western union is patrick oseji 9 aerodrome road apapa lagos nigeria,text question,is wife name answer venus. as soon asthis is done you forward the refrence or control number.

i thank you for accepting to keep the deal secret. ihere by attacc my personal photographs on suit black is my office,on jean and black t shirt is a local party, while cream jackat is on a visit to the charity home in one of the getto in lagos.

as per your question i am very good on bed and very sweet as is not true that african men are veritable steam trains,it all depends on one orientation and exposition.

by virtue of being educated has exposed me to western civilization. i have a lot of stamina energy,probably you will taste what you have not seen in life before when we meet.

onthis note i request you to make travel arrengement to visit me ans see things your self ans after the transaction proper we then travel back to australia to invest our about that?alternatively,you can as well arrenge for me to travel to meet you in person.i will be glad if you are ready to receive me as your husband to be. (If I thought he would pay for the ticket to come I would say 'yes' to see him out of pocket but odds on he would ask me to pay for it. More fun if I go there.)

i look forward to hearing your judgement on me and the as well as the refrence number of the western union and as well as my visit or your visit to me. i have decided to use another box for confidaentiality. repond only to x@x

your sweet friend.


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