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Where Venus De Milo, part-time pigeon roost, corresponds with a Nigerian businessman.

Finished. Last addition: March 2nd., 2003.

I have put GoogleAds on the bottom of these letters. It is fun watching it struggle to find a theme to hang an ad onto.
If you enjoyed the letters please
visit one of the advertised sites on your way out.
As I understand it, if I can get a group of people, roughly the size of the population of mainland China, to visit the advertised sites I will get enough money to buy a coffee (small, black, no sugar.) Fair compensation, some say. Thanks.

  1. The fruits of this old man's labour.
  2. Will it cost me an arm and a leg?
  3. Picking up interest in principle.
  4. I am stone deaf.
  5. You can link me with your father ormother who must be honest and trustwhorthy.
  6. You want my hand in marriage?
  7. I am very handsome,tall and chocolate by complexion.
  8. I'm told African men are veritable steam trains.
  9. i am very good on bed and very sweet as well.
  10. It's alright, it is a warm night and no-one can see me.
  11. The attack of the Enchiladas.
  12. My western union question and answer is a proposal indirectly.
  13. A man of passion?
  14. By God's grace I may be the man to take you to the edge.
  15. I would love to see you naked...
  16. You look so beautiful that I can't wait having you on bed.
  17. I will be glad to see it,as Iam wet alraedy.
  18. Will you think the worse of me for doing it?
  19. Seeing you in nude will not in any way affect our relationship
  20. I would not be allowed to marry you.
  21. Are you a security agent working for government?
  22. And I do want to please you, Martins.
  23. Inserting my dig right inside your clean and rubius pussy.
  24. You lovely, lovely man!!
  25. Are you a manfrodite?
  26. what ever it is i am in love and nothing stops it.
  27. I will be able to tell you more tomorrow.
  28. It suprised me to my marrow.
  29. What does your Mum think?
  30. The gig is up.
  31. Stone dead.
  32. Was she sick or she just drop dead?
  33. I am reluctant to pick up where Venus left off.
  34. I have a flir to invest in your country.
  35. The back pages of some of the grubbier newspapers.
  36. It is absolutely legal.
  37. Sixth and last truth: You're a dill. Always will be.