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The Bishop was not in a good mood. He had been out visiting the church's hostel accommodation and had been told to 'get stuffed' by a new resident there, a Miss Primm. She was quite a tense young lady and all he was trying to do was reassure her that she was safe and welcome in the hostel. True, he did put his hand on her arm but it was purely uvuncular and it cut him to the quick that she had thought otherwise. Well, he thought, if she gets behind in her rent she will be out on her ear.

He made himself a nice cup of tea and read his mail:

Attn:Mr.Taekes Pawnchek ( Bishop of Chesbord ).

I am in receipt of your message and your correction so far ok.That is typing mistak.Please don't be paranoid.

Ha! thought the Bishop.

My dear Bishop,I and Mrs.Mobutu is feeling so bad about the sudden death of the two Abbotās.I personally remain in sober till this time and assure you that I will like to complete this transaction with you in good faith and confidence.Actually what you are saying concerning owing this transaction to the two late.Abbotās who have died while this business is in progress is real.Oncemore,it is also an advantage to the entire Monastery.

I have seen your full residential address,two pages of your passport and the Letter of Guarantee respectively.Furthermore,you should not be surprised that have to pay for the handling charges in Euros.Please note that you are not paying it to me.There is no time to waste again for we have gone too long on this transaction.Do what you are suppose to now arrange for this payment directly to the London people so that it will not sound questionable at your place of receipt of this fund ok!.It is very necessary.

How am I supposed to do that? wondered the Bishop who, of course, knew nothing of the arrangements made by the Abbots.

Note:Mrs.Mobutu is still on exile overthere in morocco waiting to hear from me immediately when this fund have been dispatched to you because this is all our arrangement since we started this transaction. Mrs.Mobutu will be coming to Australia to meet you after your receipt of this fund,while I will be coming as well too from cotonou here in Benin Repulic.

I hope you have sighted the fund with regards to itās photograph before it was diplomatically dispatched down to London for cliam in favour of Late.Abbotās.It cannot be possible to deduct the handling charges from the already sealed trunk boxes.You are now receiving this consignment at your door-step as a Bishop to the Monastery because all the documents so far bearās the Monastery which was original beneficiary.

Normally that is how it is suppose to be by giving some of the percentages to the families of the two Abbots as compensation but remember that it is better I receive an account from the Security/Finance firm overthere in London for you to pay this charges directly to them while this consignment leaves asap to your designated given address with me.I shall pass your address across to them immediately after your payment ok.

I solemnly remain gentle till the end of this transaction with you and I trust you too that nothing will jeopardise all our plans for the investment project of this Widow and her humiliated family in future.

Yours Faithfully,

Blessing Justice.

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