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The Abbot approached his room cautiously.

It was most unlike him to have left the door open but who else would have...? Could there be someone inside?

“Hello? Is there anybody there?”

He entered his room cautiously and switched on the light. The room got darker.

This was not strictly true. The room lights went on at pretty much the same time as the Abbot's went out. Witnesses were later to report seeing two shadowy figures dumping an Abbot shaped bundle into the boot of a car. The car disappeared into the night.

Back in the room the following message appeared on the screen of the Abbot's computer:

Attn:ABBOT Tuck,

Thanks for your keen response with all the contents dully understood.

I have finished my work here and it remains you to perfect the transaction.Just contact Mr.West before your travelling and try as much to be getting in touch with me when you arrive london.There is modalities before the fund would be released to you ok!.

Take the required amount involved while going to london by tomorrow.You will be received from the Airport by Mr.West delegate because you are going to be threated as a client and like other customer's as well.Feel free to ask questions if required.

Best regards,

Faithfully Yours

Blessing Jutsice.

The Abbot wanted to rub his head but found that he couldn't. He was somewhere cold, dark and damp. He was tied to something large and rough. His senses told him that he was tied to a tree. They were right.

They also told him that that it was raining and that it must be nighttime. On these they were only partially right. It was raining. But they had not figured out that he was actually blindfolded.

His senses also correctly interpreted a “twang-ssss-thunkkk” sound as an arrow hitting the tree just to the left of his ear.

“I say, Innocence, I think he's waking up!” said a voice that the Abbot recognised but wished he hadn't.

“Hello Sister White! ” he called out. He blinked as the blindfold was removed. “I demand that you release me this instant! ” He squinted to adust his eyes to the light. What he saw did not please him. The two sisters were standing some fifteen paces off, both holding long bows.

“Look, I'm sure we can work something out... ” “twang-ssss-thunkkk” “Arrgh! Careful!” he cried out trying to move his head away from the arrow but was stopped by the previous arrow.

“Now for one in the middle!” said Sister Lily White, taking another arrow.

Just then the Abbot saw the Mother Superior from the convent approaching from the rear of the two Sisters. “Look, I am sure we can come to some arrangement.” begged the Abbot, stalling for time.

“Too late.” said the Sister. She drew back the arrow just as the Mother Superior lept upon her.


“Oh dear.”

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