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He sat down with a fresh coffee and wrote:

Dear Mr Justice,

Really Sir, I am flattered but I must protest. I cannot aspire to the levels of greatness held by Nelson Mandela. You are most kind but quite misguided!

I am sure that your lawyer has done a commendable job.

I will ring Mr West tomorrow, before I leave.

Yours in Christ,

Augustus Tuck,
Abbot, St.Rumpet's Monastery & Orphanage.

Nevertheless they did flatter him with their mouth, and they lied to him with their tongues.

- Psalms 78:36

The Abbot walked across to the penitentiary cells. He was never going to win. Sister Lily White knew that she had got his measure and would always have something over him. Sister Innocence Personified felt that their love had been sullied and that he was as weak as any other man.

He let them out of the cells under the strict understanding that if caught fighting again they would be straight back in. Sister White looked at him and smirked. Sister Personified looked at him and scowled. Both left the building without saying a word to him.

He sighed and returned to his room. As he got nearer he realised that the door was open. He never left the door open.

“Hello? Is there anybody there?”

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