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The Mother Superior stood before him, quivering with rage. Mind you, the large lady tended to quiver, whatever her mental state.

“I believe ” she said in measured tones, “I believe that you have two of my sisters locked in the penitentiary cells. ”

“You believe correctly” replied the Abbot.

“And do you intend to release them? ” asked the Mother Superior.

“Yes, I do ” replied the Abbot, getting genuine pleasure in answering the questions both accurately and uselessly.

The Mother Superior looked at him coldly. “Soon? ”

“Yes, soon. Tell me, Mother Superior. I understand that you were last to see Abbot Costello (God rest his flattened soul) alive. Do you have any idea what might have befallen him?” The Abbot had learnt that questions about his predecessor usually result in a quick cessation of conversation with the Mother Superior.

Today was no exception. “Good. ” she snapped and swept from the room in a manner that reminded the Abbot vaguely of two boys fighting in a tent.

He turned on his computer to find a speed reply from Mr Justice:

Attn:Abbot Friar Augustus Tuck (Abbot of St.Rumpets Monastery & Orphanage ).

Good morning and how are and your family.I felt so bad when i recived your message this morning and all your comments.I am highly delighted for you for exercising your mind to me which shows love and understanding to both of us.You never offend me in anywhere ok!.You know that in christain race now you are like Mandela of South Africa who stay many year's in prison and later became the President while fighting for peace and unity in the country.

Oh, really!

Please take it easy with your dear wife because your wife is your body till death and any wealth you are having is absolutely for your wife and children.Actually women is the same everywhere,and always difficult to understand at times like you said.The afore-mentioned 10,000 Euros is the handling charges as i explained to you.Try as much as possible that you sort things out as soon as possible ok.You know that i and you in person have been on this transcation peacefully and hopefully before the late.Costello come to started addressing the issue like the monastery church belongs to him which i did not hesitate to comply with just to see that this transaction did not link out like you early requested corporate security and i promised you that as well,am i right?.

I've no idea.

No, cheque is not acceptable.You need to pay direct to the security company cash payment and sign out this fund.I do not want any things questionable.You know that you yourself is highly free to ask them question because this is money ok, backed up with evidence of the certificate as proves.Yes,i witnessed the problem with the Certificate of Ownership.I can see a drop of water on the certificate but in as much as God has ascertained that no devil can stop this transaction till to it's successful end,i know that all this is a tribulation,something that will come to pass to us with happiness.

Yes, I had wondered about that, thought the Abbot. It is most unusual for an official document to be printed with an inkjet, I would have thought. Never mind.

Really it was raining too much when the lawyer brought the document to me.The lawyer was totally weated when he arrived to my office.No matter all steps that the devil has been made to stop this business,he is a liar ok.See what happened to you which i do not know what i can talk.There is no problem,the mistake on writing Yuck instead of TUCK is a typing error.Well,frankly speaking all is well for the lawyer need to praise for all his good job.All is caused by the change on the irregularities while making changings on the document.

Oh? So it is my fault, then?

I know that you are no longer a friar but the only ABBOT of the monastery today.The mistake in your name has been corrected,there is no stress ok!.No evils or devil can this jeopardise the transaction.You are helping a widow for that matter and like what you siad in your letter of yesterday,God will surely pay you while you are on earth so that you and your generation will live to see.Never you delay your trip.Hurry up and accomplish this transaction which heavenly God want to use in linking us together while we shall meet together overthere in your country Australia with Mrs.Mobutu to share and discuss after her business investment's.

Note:Before travelling to london,contact MR.WILSON WEST so that he can make arrangement to receive at the Airport and immediately on your arrival on monday morning just write so that i can know about your successful VOYAGE.Pick up your identity card for much identification because of your complain concerning the certificate of ownership.

God is doing it in Jesus Mighty Name I pray AMEN!.Remain blessed and God bless you.

Your's Sincerely,

Blessing Justice.

I'll answer this and then go and release those two fire cats. One at a time.

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