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“Why did you leave?” asked Sister Innocence Personified, “Why didn't you take me instead of Sister Leia Fection?”

The Abbot made several attempts to speak but was not making great progress.

Finally he bit the bullet; he told the Sister about the encounter with Sister Lily White, how she had used her mouth in unexpected ways, how that he was embarrassed about what had happened, about how his male lustings had got the better of him, how he had asked her to leave afterwards, how he had wondered how he could have let it happen but only after it had happened, how he really loved her but had been too embarrassed to stay. He begged her forgiveness and understanding.

“Fat chance!” she said and stormed out.

“Bugger!” said the Abbot.

The now familiar beep from his computer heralded the arrival of a message:


How are you today and your entire family?.I hope by the grace of God everybody is feeling very fine,we thank God.

I have had better days, thought the Abbot.

I received your letter and with all the contents well understood.Surely God will reward and i accepted that you reward on earth now s coming from this transaction which believe will not take much time to come as we are trully working as a friends with much understanding ok.

It has been raining throughout this days.You know this time a raining season here in Africa.Actually the lawyer has been busy going through my instructions for there has been much inconvienvies and stress on the changing of the particular's to ascertain you genuinely as the original benefactor of this fund.As a matter of fact,information reaching me this afternoon from london people is getting informed that it will cost you 10,000:00Euros ( TEN THOUSAND Euros)as the handling charges.There is no question to ask you about this fund ok.Even if there is any question,i know you will get to me before any answer so as o avoid any mistake.Try to comply with this advise and act accordingly ok.

10,000 Euros? What's that in real money?

Attached below is the CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP at your study which the official documents that will prove you as the bonafide owner of the consignment before the fund can be released to you as the depositor.

I shall pass your kind greetingās to Mrs.Mobutu and her humilated family still on exile overethere in morocco,meanwhile Mrs.Mobutu is happy we all for she is at the hand of Christians like you as the ABBOT of the monastery today.Here also is the London particulars for immediate contact:- Attention:Mr.WILSON WEST,TELEPHONE NUMBER:447900384894,but on your arrival inside London you have to call 07900384894 ok.

Wishing you happy VOYAGE and safe journey in return,God bless you.

Good luck,

Your's Faithfully,

Blessing Justice.

Outside in the quadrangle he could hear a commotion. It sounded like two women fighting. “Keep your mouth away from the Abbot or I'll knock your teeth so far down your throat you'll be cleaning them through a different orifice, is that very clear Sister?” said someone, clearly agitated. The Abbot pushed the door closed and sighed.

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