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True to his expectations, the Abbot slept badly. He finally got sick of tossing and turning and got up to check his email. Apart from an intemperate number of offers of cheap viagra, there was one from Mr justice:

My Dear Friar Augustus Tuck ( The Abbot, St Rumpet's Monastery & Orphanage ) .

I am highly happy with you as a good trustworthy person as my spirit was leading.Here in Africa we have one proverb that say's one with God is majority and if one did not carry load on his or her head,he or she cannot say that load is heavy ok!.

Frankly speaking my dear Tuck,this is a very significant recognition of change of your stuation. I bear with you for all your sayings but you should know that whatever God said must surely come to pass in Mighty Jesus Name I pray Amen!.I highly recognised that your time is going to be sorely stretched with the running of the monastery but remember that i have tgotally charged you to take absolute control of the management of the Monaastery while you are in control ok for God must surely reward you for all your deed's in good faith and sincerity in the honourable house of God and in Heaven as well ok.I mean there is no good job you do while you are on earth that doesn't have a good payment from the Lord.

Now you are free to confirm your ticket,give me a copy of your flight schedule so that i can get in touch with the Finance/Security firm overthere in london about your coming to cliam out this fund while Mrs.Mobutu will be highly grateful for all my efforts so far with regards to my assurance and promises to see that this fund is collected for her in favour of her humilated family while still o exile in morocco today.

Tomorow morning i shall be sending to you asap the changed certisfied Certificate of Ownership that bears your name bonafide beneficiary and at the attention of MR.FRIAR AUGUSTUS TUCK.

God bless you.

Faithfully Yours ,

Blessing Justice.

The Abbot scratched his head.

“I think I understand what he said. I wonder if he did?” he muttered.

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