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The Abbot winced as the nurse applied disinfectant to the cut above his eye.

“I think my mistake was laughing” he said, “it seemed to irritate her most unreasonably.”

“Hold still, I'm nearly finished and I don't want to hurt you.” said the nurse.

“That's good” said the Abbot, slipping his hand under the nurses habit, “I don't want to hurt you either...”. The nurse pause what she was doing and looked him directly in the eye. He smiled.

A scream echoed around the quadrangle and a small group of friars turned to look at its source, the infirmary, and saw the new Abbot limp out and scuttle across to his quarters.

“Bitch!”he said and sat down to check his emails. There was one from the strange Mr Justice:

My Dear Augustus Tuck,

How are you today and how is your family?.I hope everybody is fine?.We thank God Almighty.It is truely a very exciting times indeed.Congratulation and more greese to your elbow.Before i used to address you as attention but now your are my dear ok!.God never sleep.

Greese to my elbow? I wonder what he means by that?

Could you see that the forgotton person is now the pillar of the house.You don't know how happy i am when i heard the good news from the Bishop.That is why i copied his message to your persual.

This is a great honour and i am highly delighted with your post new ABBOT OF THE MONASTERY today.

I should hope so.

Yes,i need to believe for it is the LORD that doeth and it is marvelouse in his ear's ok1.I must agree with you for trully i hopefully know that i am dealing with a soundful and trustworthy chrsitain like you right from the early time i started with you.

You're a great judge of character. Blessing me ol' son.

Do what you need to do,i mean what you are suppose to do as a man of God to bring the growth of the monastery church for heavenly God will reward you ok.I accepted with you to continue to do your work to them in good faith and confidence for God sake.Actually before the sudden death of late.ANDREW COSTELLO all the vital document has been acquired with his name to receive this fund of TWENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ( $25.000,000:00 ) on behalf of the family of Mobutu Sese Seko while still on exile over there in morocco.You passport photograph and your guarantee letter are already with me.What i have to do now is this,i am going to see that the certisfied Certificate of Ownership of this fund bears your name as per our arrangement so that it will not sound question immediately on your arrival in london.

Meanwhile,all arrangemnet for you to travel as soon as possbile to london to collect this fund from a Finance/Security firm over there in london is good order.Just confirm your travelling plans by indicating your flight schedule while i run for the remaining approvals on your behalf and at your study.

Note:Your consideration on the monastery after the receipt of this fund in very important and to complete the building project as stake which is a chanllenge to you personally now,God bless you.

Waiting for your urgent response while i remain,

Your's Sincerely,

Blessing Justice.

Well he seems happy for me, anyway, thought the Abbot.

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