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It was with a great sense of relief that the Bishop started to write:


Thank you for the prompt reply and especially for the most spectacular photo of two large boxes of money. As the barmaid said to me this morning, you don't often see them as large as that.

The Abbot's family are obviously distressed but we are offering all appropriate counselling to them. I believe that they have called in the well known spiritual healer, Johnny Walker. He certainly used to have a profound effect on the Abbot.

I must bring you up to date with the happenings at the monastery. A meeting was called of the Hooded Council to elect a new Abbot. The meeting was deadlocked, unable to choose between the neo-conservative Friar Maryland and the progressive Friar Battadphish. The meeting dragged into the night and was broken by the surprise arrival of a former member of the monastery, Friar Tuck.

To cut a long and emotional story very short, a political compromise was reached and Friar Tuck was elected as the new Abbot of St.Rumpet's.

As much as I would like to assist you with your financial project, I must now pass the running of the monastery's financial affairs over to Abbot Tuck and I will return to the proper duties associated with my regular diocese.

Good luck with your project,

Yours ecclesiastically,

Taekes Pawnchek,
Bishop of Chesbord.

“Cop that!” he exclaimed, and turned off the computer.

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