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The Bishop was exhausted. He had just extricated himself from the longest, most boring, most acrimonious meeting of the monastery Hooded Council that he had ever had the misfortune to encounter.

He was sitting down to a nice cup of tea when the following message arrived:

Attn:Mr.Taekes Pawnchek ( Bishop of Chesbord ).

Thanks very much for your urgent response,contents dully noted accordingly.

Dully? The Bishop was miffed, why does he think my letter was dull? Infidel!

How is the Monastery and how is the family of the late Abbot?.Extend my highy sympathy to them.Actaully i am not doubting but i felt very sorry of the bad news acrossed to me.Well not withstanding,i remain in sorow like i said before for loosing such a man of God at my side.

I have gone through the HEAVENLY TRUMPET .COM and l witnessed what is really happening indeed.


Yes,i spoke about the trip to London which the Abbot have with me before his sudden death occured.Frankly speaking my dear Bishop,there is nothing puzzling in it only that all the vital documents to ascertain him as the bonafide beneficairy of this afore-mentioned fund has been acquired.Now that this death happened and you are in a good position to accomplish this transaction in good and confidence in favour on the Monastery and to raise fund to them as well to accomplish the building project at hand,i will like you to hurry up now now and complete this transaction with me ok.

Yes, the Mobutu Sese Seko family are Christian from the Eastern region here in Africa.You are correct that Morocco is a Islamic society indeed.You are going to morocco after the fruitful end of this transaction only to receive this fund,make arrangement to move with it down to your country for a successful banking into the monaasteryt bank account with me already.You are to travel to London to claim out this fund from the Security Company as soon as possible where it is presently deposited, and also when you are travelling,you are to go with a handling charge of 10,000 Euro ( TEN THOUSAND EURO ) which the Late Abbot is aware of before his sudden death.

At present now you are required to foward your details:- YOUR ADDRESS,FULL NAME,TELEPHONE NUMBER/FAX NUMBER AND YOUR INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH for self-identification.

Note:Attached is the fund as it is deposited right now in London with security company.

Hoping to hear from you while i remain,

Your's Sincerely,

Blessing Justice.

Well, thought the Bishop, I have news for you!

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