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“ You want to return to the monastery, do you? ” (bang!) a plate crashed into the wall near the Friar's head,“ You want to resume your vows, do you?” (crash!) a tea-cup ricocheted off the Friar's head and into the sink, “you want to know what I think, do you?” a small tornado of flailing arms leapt upon the Friar pummelling him mercilessly until he fled out of the back door into the yard.

“So” he yelled at the now shut door, “what do you think?” No answer.

Unbeknownst to the Friar, the following message appeared on his computer:

Attn:Mr.Augustus Tuck.

Thanks very much for your response indeed ok!.

Really the Bishop have taking over the transaction.I would have told him about your involvement into this transaction but i felt bad when Mr.Costello invaded and late decided to humilate you.Well do not worry about anything because i am sure that i must compensate you after the transaction because it is your name that Mrs.Mobutu knows with regards to this deal ok.

I mean we are going to meet together over there in your country thereafter.

Remain blessed and extend my humble greetings to your entire family.

Best regards,

Your's Faithfully,Mr.Blessing Justice.

Unable to get back into the house, the Friar started on the long walk back to the monastery.

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