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He replied to the email:

Dear Mr Justice,

Yes, I had read the terrible news in the papers. I felt quite crushed to learn of the poor Abbot's demise.

I am making urgent preparations to return to the monastery.

I believe that the Bishop has stepped in to take temporary control of the monastery but obviously there will need to be a new abbot to lead the brothers.

Admittedly I have a chequered history, what with running away with Sister Leia Fection and all but I believe my place is back with my brothers. They may not select me as the new Abbot but I feel I must return anyway.

I will discuss the options regarding the transaction once I return. I believe that it is still a good thing for the monastery and its future.

Yours in Christ,

Augustus Tuck.

He shall not be afraid of evil tidings;
His heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord. - Psalms 112:7

“All I have to do is break the news to Leia” he said as he left the café and walked out into the glorious autumn day.

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