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The evening call to prayers woke the friar. He had lain on his bed after sending the message and had fallen into a rolled pork induced stupor. On the computer, he found the following message:


Kindly fax to me your International Passport Photograph through telefax number 00229-328684,if scanning by attachment may bring delay Ok!.

But I have done it already, he thought.

I have get informed of your name to a reknowned and accredated Attorney who will handle the procurement's of the vital document's for you directly.He is happy for the job that I am giving him.Really the Lawyer will not and did not know about this transaction.He is to arrange the Affidavite wih your name and to fasten the procedures legally and officially.This is the protocol.Immediately he submitted the paper's officially and directly to our office,I will commence my work to see for the approvals.

Lawyers! thought the friar, why do we need lawyers? Aren't we men of honour? Trustworthy and reliable? He made a mental note that it was time to reapply the tincture.

My work is to receive the neccesssary paper's from the lawyer without him knowing that I am working hand to hand with you,and to see that your receive the approved document's to confirm you as the bonafide owner of this fund.

This is sounding a little underhand, the friar thought and wondered if he should just delete all the emails and pretend it hadn't happened.

Feel free to ask any question if there is any Ok!.All remain secret and confidential till the end.

What's the capital of Guatamela? was the first question that came to the friar. He pondered sending it but decided against as he just knew it would not be well received.

Your's in Christ Jesus,,

Remain blessed Amen!.

Mr.Blessing Justice.

That's a nothing sort of message, he thought, and slipped out for a walk to think about it all.

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