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Friar Tuck had been as shocked as anyone to read the news about the sad demise of the Abbot. It was in all the papers and on all the news services. It seemed everyone knew about it and had their own theory as to how it happened.

He was also surprised, when he went to the Internet Café, to receive the following email:

Attn:Mr.Friar Augustus Tuck,

What a sad news that i am that THE Abbot of the Monastery is dead.God forbid bad things.I am totally in sorry,do you know that?.Where are you now and what is your plans concerning this transaction which you intentionallly left for your church boss who is now dead.Are you still interested to complete this transaction in good faith and confidence.

Anticipating in hearing from you asap,God be with you.

Sincerely Your's In CHRIST,

Blessing Justice.

Bad news does travel fast, he thought.

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