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The Bishop had had a busy but unexciting day, slowly trying to put the monastery's papers in order. The day to day accounts were more or less there, although there were serious anomalies in the brandy stocks.

There was just the remaining issue of this London thing with the Abbot. He could not fathom it. Almost on cue, his computer beeped to announced the arrival of the following message:

Attn:Taekes Pawnchek,( Bishop of Chesbord ).
Thanks very much for your keen information which sounds very vey sad indeed.What is really happening?.Do you mean that Mr.Andrew Costello, the Abbot of St. Rumpets Monastery is dead?.God forbid bad thing.What a shock news!.
Actually,first and foremost i would doubted you the first time i saw this message because i wante to ask you how come across my email a this pont in time that the monastery has gotten a fund source to comlete their church building that has been standing unfinished for many year's now according to Abbot Costello.May his soul rest in peace,ADIU COSTELLO.
If i may ask,is he sick before of what?.Really he is to travel to London Security/Finance house to receive a cash sum of $25.000,000:00 ( Twenty-five millio dollars ) only on behalf of the MOBUTU SESE SEKO family still on exile today over there in Morocco.The Certified Certificate that ascertained him presently as the bonafide beneficairy is with him in full confidence and trust to claim out this fund secretly in good faith without any question.
I am now solmnly soliciting for you assistance and if you can accomplished this transaction before this fund could be returned back to our bank account here in Benin Republic here i West/Africa.If yes and you capable,you should send through attachment your first and second international photograph for self-indentification at my persual,and i will like you to get back to me asap so that your information concerning you urgent traveling to London can be arranged in yr favour.All the approvals of this fund has been done with the name of Late.Abbot of the monastery.We need to make some changes which would prove you as the next of kin to the late.Abbot today before you can travel to london.
Furthermore,20% of the total amount involved belongs to the monastery for bringing bank account where the fund will be deposited after cash receipt.
Anticipating to hear from you while i remain in SORROW.
Your's Faithfully,
Blessing Justice.

Must send this guy half a gross of carriage returns for his birthday, muttered the Bishop to no-one but himself.

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