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It was as if time had slowed down. The Abbot was transfixed by the vision of the Mother Superior as she launched into space from the top of his wardrobe, arms and legs spread wide, large breasts and fat folds wobbling and oscillating from the force of the thrust.

And then there was nothing.


My happiness remains great ok!. I just contacted the Security/Finance house in London about your coming to collect your cash deposited fund with our esteem National Bank Of Benin through their London cash direct payment office,and they are ever ready waiting for your arrival.I was meant to know that it is going to cost you nothing than $10,000 ( TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ) only as the handling charges to claim out this fund ok.

Arrange the money,go back to Australia and sign out the fund .I am always with you.Feel free and corporate with them for you have no question to answer from them but if ever you are asked question which you cannot answer,kindly get to me immediately by mail,well i do not think there will be any.The approval is my effort's with regards to the assurance and promises i gave to Mrs.Mobutu on her last visitation to my office before i started assisting her in good faith and confidence.So, don't disappoint me ok.You know that i trusted you as i trusted your Tuck.We shall all meet to rejoice together after the transaction

Below are the particular's of the Security/Finance house over there in London:-


TEL:+44 790 058 4892

Fax:+44 790 058 9012.

email address:( )

Call Mr.Wilson asap you received this email.We shall meet in Australia after your arrival back home.Save journey and happy return in advance.

God bless,

Your's Faithfully,

Blessing Justice.

The Inspector read from his note book: “Two broken clavicals, twenty four broken ribs, multiple fractures of the sternum, rupture of the liver, both kidneys and the spleen, both lungs punctured, wide spread bruising and you have any idea what may have cause such traumatic injuries to the Abbot, Mother?”

“A lack of calcium in his diet, maybe? ”

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